Meet Dr. Alex Ghobadi

Dr. Alex Ghobadi, DO, is an expert psychiatrist specializing in preventing, diagnosing, and treating a range of mental disorders. With a compassionate approach to patient care, Dr. Ghobadi is dedicated to improving psychiatric care through evaluation and innovation. Utilizing a comprehensive range of treatment approaches, including telepsychiatry, medicine, psychotherapy, integrated care, and cognitive therapy, Dr. Ghobadi tailors interventions to meet the unique needs of his patients.


Dr. Ghobadi is an excellent psychiatrist who goes above and beyond for his patients. He is caring, compassionate, and truly listens to your concerns. He has helped me manage my anxiety and depression through a combination of medications and therapy, and I am so grateful for his expertise and guidance.

Ganesh Pandey

I have been seeing Dr. Ghobadi for several months now and I can honestly say he has been a lifesaver for me. He is incredibly knowledgeable about mental health and takes the time to explain treatment options in a way that is easy to understand. With his personalized approach to care, I have made significant progress in my recovery and I feel like I have a partner in my mental health journey.

Kris R

I cannot recommend Dr. Ghobadi enough. He is an exceptional psychiatrist who genuinely cares about his patients. From the first appointment, I felt heard and understood. He has helped me manage my bipolar disorder with a combination of medication and psychotherapy, and I am now able to live a more stable and fulfilling life. Thank you, Dr. Ghobadi, for everything you do!


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